Eelgrass meadows and reed marshes, shallow wetlands and sparse areas of woodland, rare plants like sundew and adder´s tongue, flocks of twittering birds and shimmering dragonflies, wild Konik horses and highland cattle.

The Geltinger Birk Nature Reserve at the mouth of the Flensburg Fjord entices visitors to discover its unspoilt nature. Whether on foot, by bike or riding in a carriage, either by yourself or with a guided group – here you can let your gaze and thoughts wander afar, while taking deep breaths to tank new energy and inspiration.

"Today, controlled waterlogging of the Birk is again in place. Brackish water, a mixture of salt and fresh water, collects in the hollows, creating new habitats for plants and animals."

At the Birk kiosk close to the Charlotte Mill at the western entrance to the Birk Nature Reserve, which is visible for miles around, Nadine Kammerer spoils you with hearty snacks, spicy soups and home-baked cakes. And in Nieby, you can enjoy sweet delicacies at Jutta Schulke-Vandre´s delightful Café Lichthof, from raspberry gateau to hedgehog slices – while sitting, if the weather is fine, in the garden among blossoming roses, vetch and marguerites.

Photo: Bodo Nitsch

Only a few steps away, the Geltinger Birk Integrated Station in the former Falshöft pilot house offers a multimedia show with information on the biotopes and biodiversity across the peninsula´s 773 hectares. And on the western side of the Birk, a hut erected by Germany´s Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) invites you to enjoy some bird-watching – a perfect spot to take a break and absorb the beauty of the Birk and the Baltic Sea in complete tranquility.




In the Geltinger Birk Reed Village, you can select your personal preference from three types of houses. Whichever you choose, you´ll enjoy the special atmosphere of a building constructed from natural materials. Reed, wood and brick create the characteristic ambience of your holiday residence. Underfloor heating in winter and thermal air conditioning in summer, box spring beds and a lockable bike home, a stove and a sauna area guarantee luxurious, five-star living comfort.

for up to 8 persons

Ideal for large families or several couples - 145 square metres of feel-good ambience with 8 beds and 3 bathrooms

for 4 + 4 or 4 persons in each

Tailored for friends with families, three-generation holidays or independent occupation - twice 110 square metres in two adjacent houses, each with 4 beds

for up to 6 persons

Perfect for couples, families or holidaying with grandchildren - enjoy the generous spaciousness of 110 square metres with 4 beds


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