In the area around the Geltinger Birk Reed Village, the North manifests itself from its tastiest sides. In all weathers. In all seasons. Only a few hundred metres away lies Falshöft with a café, reed-thatched cottages and a lighthouse. To the north, Flensburg and the Flensburg Fjord tempt visitors with star cuisine and fish rolls. To the west lies the Angeln countryside with rural cafés and pubs. And to the south, Kappeln on the Baltic Sea´s Schlei Fjord with its harbour mile and Eckernförde with its old-town maritime atmosphere.

The area between Flensburg Fjord in the north and Schlei Fjord on the Baltic Sea along with Eckernförde Bay in the south is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the North – exciting the hearts of all those seeking something special away from the beaten track. Ateliers and galleries, idyllic country cafés and stylish restaurants, lively fishing harbours and historic towns, rugged natural shores and fine sandy beaches, as well as insider tips from a chocolate kitchen to a coffee roaster, from the Fruit Museum to the Butter Mill, offer enticing goals for discovering the area around the Geltinger Birk Reed Village.

Just like the landscape and the coastline, the villages and towns, the large and small attractions, the people you will meet on your excursions are also special. Here in the North, they are not big talkers. They speak only if they really have something to say. With their hearts, minds and their dry sense of humour so typical of Northern Germany.

The port of Flensburg to the north, right on the Danish border, will captivate you with its Scandinavian flair. One of the town´s gems is the Red Street, its romantic courtyards full of small, exquisite traders, workshops, boutiques and bistros inviting you to enjoy a delightful stroll. And there are also many other favourite places to discover in Flensburg, including the Shipyard Museum, the Maritime Museum and the newly-opened Yachting Heritage Centre. Also the Museum Hill with its fascinating exhibitions, or the Phänomenta Science Center.

Glücksburg´s main landmark is its white water castle. The House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg belongs to the European aristocracy and is closely connected to the royal families in Denmark, Norway and England. A walk through the park with its orangery and rosarium offers fabulous views of the castle. And if you wish to dine like royalty, the Meierei Dirk Luther Restaurant in Glücksburg´s Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof, boasting two Michelin stars, is exactly the right place for you.

Halfway between Flensburg Fjord and the Geltinger Birk Reed Village lies Langballigau, once a gathering place for renowned artists from Emil Nolde to Erich Heckel, and now a popular spot to visit with its pier and numerous maritime bistros along the seafront. A stroll through the lively Unewatt Museum Village with its historic Butter Mill and a country inn known for its good cooking using fresh local ingredients also holds stimulating and enjoyable hours in store.

Fresh regional products

Café Kommodig. Café Kranz. Café Janbeck*s. Along the B199 road joining Flensburg and Kappeln, numerous country cafés offer a tempting tour de torte. Right outside the gateway to the Geltinger Birk Reed Village, Café Lichthof awaits you with sweet treats in Falshöft. And in nearby Pommerby, Timo Mall will surprise you with Swabian cuisine in the traditional "Möwe Jonathan Inn". To savour fresh fish however, a trip to the fishing village of Maasholm is recommended – or to Kappeln. This harbour town on the Baltic Sea´s Schlei Fjord offers many attractions, both large and small, including its white drawbridge and historic herring fence, a chocolate kitchen and steam railway, the Hänisch Art House and the Palette Bar which is popular with artists, an attractive town centre and the long Weidefeld Beach.

"In hardly any other region are there probably so many caringly managed country cafés offering delicious homemade cakes and gateaux as in the Angeln countryside surrounding the Geltinger Birk Reed Village. And along this coast, they also know how to prepare fish to perfection. Lots of farms and workshops offer first-class products. If you would like to discover the North´s local culinary delights, I would specially recommend businesses that have joined the 'Feinheimisch (Fine Regional) – Enjoyment from Schleswig-Holtstein' initiative."

One of the most memorable experiences along the Baltic Sea´s Schlei Fjord is a boat trip from Kappeln to the pilot island of Schleimünde, which can only be reached by water. In front of the legendary "Giftbude" inn, you can take a snack and let your gaze wander past the Schlei, the lighthouse and the Baltic Sea to the distant horizon. Another attraction at the western end of the Schlei is the Viking city of Schleswig with state museums in Gottorf Castle, an imposing cathedral with its Brüggemann altar and the picturesque fishing settlement of Holm. And in Haithabu´s Viking world just outside Schleswig, you can not only immerse yourself in the history of this Nordic race, but also experience today´s Vikings at markets, during guided tours and by taking part in various activities.

The idyllic world of Schlei villages awaits you all around the 42-kilometre-long Baltic Sea fjord. These became known across the country some time ago after being featured in the ZDF television series "The Country Doctor". In what was once the country doctor´s practice, superb cakes are now served. Not far away, technology enthusiasts will get their money´s worth by visiting the combined railway and road drawbridge in Lindaunis. And all around, the Schlei Nature Park lives up to its name, offering the perfect setting for long walks, cliff hikes or cycling tours.

Between Schlei and Eckernförde Bay, the road often passes imposing country estates and manor houses. In Sieseby, probably the most beautiful village in Schleswig-Holstein, two inns offering high-class, fresh regional dishes, namely the "Schlie-Krog" and the "Alt-Sieseby", invite you to dine. To the left and right of the avenues and side roads, there are frequent galleries, installations and sculptures, artists and their works waiting to be discovered. And families can look forward to attractions for all generations on both sides of the Schlei Fjord, including the Barefoot Park in Schwackendorf, the swin golf course on the Sophienhof Estate and the Viking baths in the Baltic Sea resort of Damp.

Driving a little further, you reach Eckernförde, a captivating Baltic Sea resort with an old maritime centre located in a unique spot between Baltic Sea beaches and a fishing harbour. In the pedestrian area, in small shopping streets and courtyards, countless owner-operated businesses and culinary addresses, such as the "Bonbonkocherei" sweet cookery or the "Clara Hof Distillery", offer a relaxed shopping experience. In other words, there is a great deal to discover around the Geltinger Birk Reed Village. But only if you want to. Here, the principle of you can do anything, but you don´t have to applies. Just as you wish.


In the Geltinger Birk Reed Village, you can select your personal preference from three types of houses. Whichever you choose, you´ll enjoy the special atmosphere of a building constructed from natural materials. Reed, wood and brick create the characteristic ambience of your holiday residence. Underfloor heating in winter and thermal air conditioning in summer, box spring beds and a lockable bike home, a stove and a sauna area guarantee luxurious, five-star living comfort.

for up to 8 persons

Ideal for large families or several couples: 145 square metres of feel-good ambience for up to 6 – 8 persons and with three bathrooms


Tailored for friends with families, three-generation holidays or independent occupation: two times 110 square metres in two adjacent houses, each for up to 5 persons

for up to 5 persons

Perfect for couples, families or holidaying with grandchildren: enjoy the generous spaciousness of 110 square metres for up to 5 persons


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