Extremely close to nature. Extremely high quality. Extremely sustainable. The Geltinger Birk Reed Village is a world of its own. Especially for you. Beneath the reed-thatched roof of your holiday home, you will find everything you need to enjoy your vacation to the full.

If you appreciate quality and cherish things that are special, if you feel that ultimate comfort and consistent sustainability are not contradictory, but belong together, and if you are in search of inspiration and new sensations, then you will find true happiness in the Geltinger Birk Reed Village. Directly on the Baltic Sea. In the tranquility of nature. And with perfect all-round service.

Once the Reed Village is complete, a total of forty-one houses will harmoniously blend into this extensive area of land measuring more than ten hectares and offering magnificent views over both the Baltic Sea and the nature reserve. Systematic focus on renewable energy, without detracting from our guests´ well-being, cosy underfloor heating and an innovative air-conditioning concept for hot days are key features of all our reed-thatched domiciles.

"We build with brick, reed and wood – renewable resources that have always been used in this region. Everything is locally sourced. A solar power system is to be installed on the roof and an electric car charging station in front of the service house. Heat being sourced underground to provide effective and resource-efficient warmth, as well as cool temperatures during hot periods."

All houses in the Geltinger Birk Reed Village are furnished with an extremely fine feeling for design and decoration, each having its own distinctive character. Original artworks expertly selected from a wide collection of works by North German and Danish artists provide for individual highlights. As a result, the Geltinger Birk Reed Village combines enjoyment of living with the enjoyment of art in a way that is both relaxing and inspiring.


In the Geltinger Birk Reed Village, you can select your personal preference from three types of houses. Whichever you choose, you´ll enjoy the special atmosphere of a building constructed from natural materials. Reed, wood and brick create the characteristic ambience of your holiday residence. Underfloor heating in winter and thermal air conditioning in summer, box spring beds and a lockable bike home, a stove and a sauna area guarantee luxurious, five-star living comfort.

for up to 8 persons

Ideal for large families or several couples - 145 square metres of feel-good ambience with 8 beds and 3 bathrooms

for 4 + 4 or 4 persons in each

Tailored for friends with families, three-generation holidays or independent occupation - twice 110 square metres in two adjacent houses, each with 4 beds

for up to 6 persons

Perfect for couples, families or holidaying with grandchildren - enjoy the generous spaciousness of 110 square metres with 4 beds


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